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Pipe thawing

Pipe Thawing

Bellemore is pleased to announce the addition of several new services, which we believe will be of considerable value to our customers, especially during the winter months in New England.

Our new, state of the art cube truck is equipped with a 10 gallon per minute steamer-jetter, which heats the water and forces it through a hose, creating a thin, low pressure column that cuts ice into removable chunks. It was designed specifically for winter related work, and can cut through the worst ice related problems during the coldest of times. Our steamer- jetter is the latest tool in the industry for preventing expensive water damage to your property. It is capable of thawing frozen culvert pipes, drainage lines, sewer lines, and roof drains, thus preventing costly backups.

This new van is also equipped with hydro-excavation guns and equipment, which will allow us to provide hydro-excavation services throughout the winter months. Utilizing 200o F water, we can run up to 3000 psi of pressure through our hydro-excavation guns, cutting through the hardest of frozen ground. We use the vactor truck for vacuuming the material as we go, allowing for minimal over-dig of the hole.

This becomes necessary when replacing/repairing broken water lines, fire hydrants and performing sewer repairs, as landscaping and asphault repair can make jobs costly.

We are very excited about these new services. Contact us with your questions or concerns and let us show you how we can help: (603) 641-6640.

Pipe Thawing
Pipe Thawing

Bellemore's new state of the art 10 gallon per minute jetter/steamer