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New England Basin Cleaners
Bellemore Property Services, LLC

Bellemore for municipalities

Keeping the streets and roadways safe

Bellemore Property Services, LLC has extensive experience in cleaning stormwater and sanitary sewer systems in cities and towns. In addition we offer hydro excavation services for fast, precise and minimally disruptive excavation. Our combination of experienced operators and highly efficient equipment results in rapid and thorough cleaning, and efficient excavation work. For stormwater and sanitary sewer system cleaning, we provide required documentation and GPS location services.

With the rise in diseases such as West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) it is more important than ever to have catch basins and storm drains cleaned on a regular basis. Standing water and sludge that collects in drainage systems are an ideal breeding ground for the mosquitos that carry these diseases.

In addition to contract cleaning services we also offer a 3-Year Structured Maintenance Program that provides a comprehensive storm drain inspection and cleaning process to help ensure regular maintenance and compliance with state and federal stormwater regulations.

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